Farmhouse Inn

Farm in activity, the” mas of faïsses” is a beautiful stone building of the eighteenth century.

Located in the “Cévennes Ardéchoises”, 5 km from Largentière, it rises in a particularly exceptional environment, made of calm and serenity, consisting of gardens mixing, accommodating, vegetal, and multifaceted orchards: fig trees, olive trees, apricot trees, peach trees, etc.

Will you have the courage to go back? (“Mas” is a traditional farmhouse of southern France, and “faïsses” is a local name for cultivated terraces)

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Passion in your plates

All of this is without forgetting that the Mas des Faïsses is above all an agricultural endeavor, firmly anchored in a sustainable environment approach.  This is why the Mas des Faïsses can call itself a “farmhouse-inn.”

In accordance with the requirements of the “farmhouse-inn” label, the Mas des Faïsses guarantees that the majority of the products are from the farm itself and that the preparations are truly “home-made”.

Yvette (the gardener) and Robert (the cook) are both passionate about what they do :  the crops are incredibly diverse and original, making the menus even more so.  However, these preparations are reserved for the overnight clients of the farmhouse-inn. 

Example of dishes proposed according to the seasons

Frozen carrots sprinkled in lemon served with rosemary sorbet

Lentil salad prepared with various mint leaves

Garlic basted custard marrow served with quinoa and basil tomato coulis

Red beetroot patty and mashed quince

Eggplant, tomato and chestnut fricassee, served over a bed of buckwheat

Chili style azuki

Ginger flavoured green tomato pie

Surprise chocolate duo with Sichuan pepper

Pear and almond fondant

Which is without mentioning the homemade pasta, various homemade pastries and sorbets, and of course, when in season, the now-famous flower salads.


For those whose food requirements are harder to accommodate :

Since nourishing the body must be still be a question of pleasing one’s palate, the wide diversity of home-produced crops, and Yvette’s and Robert’s knowledge of them, enables the Mas des Faïsses to propose menus to those who can hardly ever eat out. 

Gluten-free, milk protein-free meals...

Please make us aware of your needs, we’ll be sure to please !